• February 18, 2021

Today we officially launch our new website and a new logo!

We felt it was about time we implemented some changes at DAC. Our old website needed some updates so we improved the design and the overall user experience with new features and resources (watch the video). It was also time to give our logo a redesign. The old logo felt a little dated and really didn’t communicate our brand very well. So…a few tweaks of the logo, a new website… and here we are!

Don’t worry, though. We are not changing any of our formulas or major design elements of our can labels. We know that many of our customers have our products memorized as “the blue can” or “the orange can”, and trust only using these products. We will ensure that our cans will be easily recognized as the DAC products you are familiar with.

New logo explained

It has been a long time since DAC branded the old logo. So much time has passed, that those who have been here the longest don’t even know when it was designed and what the elements of the design were meant to represent.

The old logo…

Were the lines supposed to be shots of spray? Is this a representation of injection molding? Someone having fun with ovals?… a person can only hypothesize what this logo is trying to represent. (Feel free to add your own hypothesis in the comments below)

We first tried to work with the old design to see how we could incorporate the elements into a more updated look, but decided it was best to start from scratch, and put together a logo that was modern and represented our core line of products.

And with a flick of the wrist….


Stay Tuned…

Keep checking in to see what else we’ll be doing as we move DAC in a new direction. More advertising, new promotions, and best of all… NEW PRODUCTS!

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