Why is a clean mold important?

Before cleaning with DAC-104
After cleaning with DAC-104

Mold cleaning best practices are critical to running efficiently and creating good parts. Oftentimes we run into a lack of training or poor cleaning practices in the field which can lead to damaged molds, poor part quality, and excessive downtime.

With proper training and standardized processes, you can extend the life of a mold, run more parts, and end up saving tens of thousands of dollars.

How should we clean our mold?

The following infographic was designed as a quick reference for you and your maintenance techs. Print this graphic and post it up around your shop so that you can ensure everyone is following the same processes.

DAC Industries also has staff available to assist with training or questions related to mold cleaning and maintenance.

Mold Cleaning Best Practices


Contact a DAC Industries representative and we’ll be happy to assist you.