Problem: Plugged Vents

We were recently contacted by a thermoplastic molding company that is a world leader in manufacturing medical devices having trouble with plugged vents*.

*Because of the sensitive nature of their products and trade-secrets, the company requested we withhold their information.

They were using polypropylene in a mold with Porcerax inserts and frequently had to tear apart the mold for cleaning due to excessive buildup.

Solution: DAC-102 NSF Registered Resin Remover

Taking into account that they were in the medical device manufacturing industry, we recommended that they use our DAC-102 resin remover. This product is category K1 registered with NSF (category list) and has an extended contact time to work on tough buildups. This product can also be applied to hot molds while on-line, so there is no need to tear apart the mold to clean it. You can see our recommended cleaning process here.

DAC-102On Line Resin Remover
On Line Resin Remover

• NSF Registered
• Works on a variety of resins
• Adjustable spray tip


One month after recommending DAC-102 On Line Mold Cleaner, we followed up with the customer and got rave reviews. They no longer had to tear apart the mold and were able to extend production runs. The solution resulted in a 10-hour reduction in weekly maintenance required to tear down the mold and remove the buildup.

Total cost savings were not captured, but estimated labor costs were approximately $15,000 per year in downtime savings, plus the additional revenue gained by having longer run-times.

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