Paintable Mold Release

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Paintable Mold Release works effi­ciently on both hot and cold molds. It is CFC free and free of chlo­ri­nated sol­vents. It will impart a smooth dry film, which is biodegrad­able and non-toxic. It can be used where parts will be painted, hot-stamped, met­al­ized or oth­er­wise decorated.

Paintable Mold Release was devel­oped to pro­vide you with a multi-temperature paintable mold release that will not attack plas­tic or smear onto parts being molded. It also leaves you with a worry-free finish.


Title Range Discount
First Column Pricing 13 - 23 3%
End Column Pricing 24 + 6%

Pricing is per case (12 cans of product in each case).

Call for Orders, Prod­uct Infor­ma­tion and Tech­ni­cal Sup­port: 1–800-830‑3423

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 8.5 in


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Performance Characteristics:
  • Will not alter elec­tronic signals
  • All tem­per­a­ture, paintable mold release
  • Semi-dry for­mula to pre­vent trans­fer onto parts
  • This sol­vent free mold release elim­i­nates the break­down of plastics
  • Pro­vides you with cov­er­age up to 600′F temperatures
  • Food accepted
  • Eco­nom­i­cal
Removal Specifications:

If build-up occurs, flush with DAC-103 Uni­ver­sal All Pur­pose Degreaser.

NFPA Hazardous Materials ID System
Health 1
Reactivity 3
Flammability 4
Other See SDS

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