All Purpose Foam

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All Pur­pose Foam is a rich, high-density foam that will cling to ver­ti­cal sur­faces allow­ing enough time to close and mold over the top along with blow­ing out the vents. This is made espe­cially for del­rin gas build-up.

Why was ALL PURPOSE FOAM developed?

All Pur­pose Foam was for­mu­lated to elim­i­nate costly prob­lems from rust for­ma­tion on the backs of molds, paint soft­en­ing on expen­sive equip­ment, and costly down time caused by gas build-up in vents.


Title Range Discount
First Column Pricing 13 - 23 3%
End Column Pricing 24 + 6%

Pricing is per case (12 cans of product in each case).

Call for Orders, Prod­uct Infor­ma­tion and Tech­ni­cal Sup­port: 1–800-830‑3423

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 10 in
Prop 65

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


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Per­for­mance Characteristics:
  • Removes rust from the backs of molds
  • Removes gas build up in vents from Del­rin and Nylon
  • Cleans gran­ite blocks with­out leav­ing residue
  • Superb machine degreaser
  • Out­stand­ing per­for­mance on ver­ti­cal surfaces
  • Excel­lent for gen­eral cleaning


Removal of Gas Build-Up of in Vents:

Use DAC-102 “On Line Resin Remover” as directed before use of this prod­uct to ini­ti­ate mol­e­c­u­lar break­down of gas film. Dry thor­oughly. Fill mold entirely with All Pur­pose Foam. Close mold and begin mold process if needed. Refill the cav­ity with All Pur­pose Foam if nec­es­sary. It is strongly rec­om­mended to rinse with sol­vent based DAC-103 “Uni­ver­sal All Pur­pose Degreaser” after the gas removal process to ensure rust for­ma­tion does not occur.

Rust Removal from the Backs of Molds:

Apply DAC-104 All Pur­pose Foam to sur­face. Rub gen­tly with a scour­ing pad until rust is removed. Flush sur­faces. Apply DAC-101 Mois­ture Guard on mold to pre­vent rust from reform­ing. Can be sprayed in any desired in any posi­tion. Shake well before using.

Gen­eral Cleaning:

Spray All Pur­pose Foam onto sur­faces requir­ing clean­ing. Allow foam to work for sev­eral sec­onds. Wipe away residue with a clean, dry cloth or sponge.


All Pur­pose Foam is water based. DO NOT use at exces­sive mold tem­per­a­tures (over 200°F).

NFPA Hazardous Materials ID System
Health 1
Reactivity 3
Flammability 4
Other See SDS

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