Extreme Resin Remover

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DAC-111 Extreme Resin Remover will remove build-up from mold sur­faces such poly­ac­etal resins,and other dif­fi­cult to remove resins, break­ing down gas deposits in vents and remov­ing resin build-up on tex­tured molds makes this another great DAC prod­uct. This remover is packed with a punch that will easily remove any resin buildup.


Title Range Discount
First Column Pricing 13 - 23 3%
End Column Pricing 24 + 6%

Pricing is per case (12 cans of product in each case).

Call for Orders, Prod­uct Infor­ma­tion and Tech­ni­cal Sup­port: 1–800-830‑3423

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 8.5 in


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  • Breaks down Del­rin gas
  • Will break down 95% of Resins on the market
  • Breaks down even Polyurethane


  • Excel­lent for Remov­ing Build-Up from Mold Sur­faces such as Poly­ac­etal Resins
  • Removes Resin Build-Up on Tex­tured Molds
  • Removes most Resins that are usu­ally dif­fi­cult to remove
  • Breaks Down Gas Deposits in Vents
  • Del­rin
  • PVC’S
  • Poly­ac­etal
  • Poly­ac­etal and other dif­fi­cult to remove resins


Due to the aggressive formula of the Extreme Resin Remover, some areas with strict environmental restrictions may not allow its use. Consult DAC Industries if you have further questions or would like another product recommendation.

See our Pro­ce­dure Sheets appli­ca­tions instruction.

NFPA Hazardous Materials ID System
Health 2
Reactivity 3
Flammability 3
Other See SDS

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