We carry a line of clean­ing prod­ucts to ser­vice most all of your office and pro­duc­tion clean­ing needs. Whether you need to:
Scrub your plant or ware­house floors, clean tables or equip­ment or san­i­tize your restrooms.
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  • Safe to Use on a Wide Vari­ety of Surfaces
  • Dis­solves the Tough­est Grime, Grease, Dirt Oil, Wax, Ink, Resins, Car­bon, Soot and Soap Scum
  • Will Not Harm Painted Surfaces
DAC’s All Pur­pose Degreaser is safe to use on a wide vari­ety of sur­faces. Sim­ply spray it on with the con­ve­nient trig­ger sprayer and wipe it off. It quickly dis­solves the tough­est filth. grease, dirt, oil, wax, ink, resin, car­bon, soot and soap scum. This excel­lent pen­e­trat­ing for­mu­la­tion is aided by a new, biodegrad­able orange oil-based sol­vent. It is safe to use, non-toxic and pro­duces no objec­tion­able fumes. All Pur­pose Degreaser is an excel­lent laun­dry pre-spot. and does not con­tain Butyl Cel­lu­solve. Will not harm painted surfaces.

107 All Purpose Degreaser

  • Excel­lent for Clean­ing Rust off the Backs of Molds
  • Cleans Gran­ite Blocks with­out Leav­ing Residue
  • Good Choice for Machine Degreasing
  • Removes Rubber Skid Marks from Concrete
All Pur­pose Foam works as a gen­eral sur­face cleaner, leav­ing you with a “Like New” appear­ance. Rely upon All Pur­pose Foam for gen­eral clean­ing through­out your office and pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ment All Pur­pose Foam is also an extremely effec­tive rust remover.