All DAC Rust Inhibitors have the ideal char­ac­ter­is­tics any molder will value for effi­cient mold­ing. Our rust inhibitors:
– Pre­vent rust and cor­ro­sion, and repel mois­ture.
– Have a thin, dry film that sets up quickly and is eas­ily removed.
– Do not con­tain fillers and do not run.
– Mold off eas­ily, with no part con­t­a­m­i­na­tion.

These char­ac­ter­is­tics pre­vent addi­tional mold­ing prob­lems, such as bleed­ing, leech­ing, galling and bind­ing. Our rust inhibitors will remain on the mold 2 days, 2 months or 2 years from now. The color cov­er­age indi­ca­tor option of Dry Film Rust Pre­ven­ta­tive allows you to see exactly where you have sprayed.

For you PVC mold­ers, choose from our rust inhibitors with added acid vapor neu­tral­izer capa­bil­ity. The mold sur­face is pro­tected from expo­sure to PVC vapors and rust is prevented.

Rust and cor­ro­sion are pre­vented and mois­ture is dis­placed with Mois­ture Guard, DAC-101.

Sur­faces are pro­tected from expo­sure to PVC vapors with Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield, DAC-300.

Use DAC Rust Inhibitors between molds to pre­vent rust and corrosion.

DAC Rust Inhibitors and Red Grease #2
Work Together with Com­plete Compatibility

Use DAC Indus­tries’ Red Grease for opti­mum prod­uct com­pat­i­bil­ity. Red Grease does not break down when used as the sole lubri­cant with DAC Rust Inhibitors.

– There is no dete­ri­o­ra­tion of the grease.
– No melt­ing away occurs.
– Vis­cos­ity and tack­i­ness remain the same with the rust inhibitors and grease work­ing together.

No leech­ing, bleed­ing or pre­ma­ture galling will occur when mold­ing with Red Grease and DAC Rust Inhibitors together. The Rust Inhibitors will not pen­e­trate back into the slides, cams or ejec­tor pins. Save Time & Labor, Reduce Scrap, Improve Part Qual­ity and Increase Effi­ciency with these Products!

  • Seals against Mois­ture with Supe­rior Film Strength
  • Will not Induce Bleeding
  • Dis­places Mois­ture and Pre­vents Corrosion
  • Semi– Trans­par­ent Coverage
if you’ve found you have non-productive press time due to bleed­ing and con­t­a­m­i­na­tion caused by most rust inhibitors on the mar­ket today, DAC’s Mois­ture Guard is the one for you! Our advanced 4-in-1 aerosol com­bines the best mil­i­tary spec. cor­ro­sion inhibitors and mois­ture dis­plac­ing com­pounds avail­able. Mois­ture Guard’s unique prop­er­ties dis­place mois­ture, pre­vent­ing rust and cor­ro­sion from occur­ring. Remem­ber, Mois­ture Guard has no wax build-up, mak­ing removal easy!


  • White color indicator
  • Wire EDM
  • Die casting mold release
  • Semi-permanent shell
White Rhino was developed to give the client:

– Dry rust inhibitor to which no dust or dirt will cling
– Long term storage
– Shipping over seas
– Salty environments
– Storage open to the elements
– Lubricant
– Welding surface protection

  • Rust inhibitor
  • Acid vapor neutralizer
  • White color indicator
  • Seals against moisture
  • Superior film strength
  • Easy removal with degreaser
White Triple Coat Rust Inhibitor/ Neutralizer/ White Color Indicator

White Triple Coat is the choice for use as a neutralizing rust inhibitor when you are dealing with acidic gases and you want to be able to visually see where you have sprayed. We have a white color indictor mixed into the formula.

White Triple Coat will not cross contaminate with your lubricants, so it will not bleed or create witness marks.

  • Will not leech, Run, Or Bleed
  • Nicely Fogs for Evenly Coated Molds
  • Semi-Transparent Cov­er­age
  • Helps Elim­i­nate Pit­ting that Results from the Elec­trol­y­sis Effect Between Molds
  • Inhibits the For­ma­tion of Cor­ro­sion Between Molds
DAC’s Ultra Fine Mold Shield allows you total con­trol of rust & cor­ro­sion, as well as the ben­e­fit of acid vapor neu­tral­iz­ing. This effec­tive fine mist evenly coats molds with­out caus­ing bleed­ing or leech­ing. Excel­lent neu­tral­iz­ers for PVC, acetals and flame retar­dant vapors. Removal is a cinch.

  • Destroys strong acid vapors on contact
  • Superior corrosion and rust inhibitor
  • Heavy duty acid vapor neutralizer
  • One step (neutralizer and rust inhibitor)
  • Displaces moisture
  • Easy to remove
Why was Heavy Duty Neutra-Shield developed? Stronger, more acidic resins and flame retardants have come into the plastics industry which the standard neutralizer was not strong enough and clients were experiencing corrosion even with protection.