• Great Choice for Textured Surfaces, Deep Ribs and High Temperatures
  • Excellent for Eliminating Surface Friction
  • Good for Zinc Die-casting Operations
Armor Plate is a dry-film, semi-permanent, teflon compound plating agent. It fills voids in metal, eliminating surface friction, enhancing material flow and parts release. Armor Plate will not shrink or expand over a wide range of temperatures.

  • Excellent for eliminating wear
  • Outstanding on soft material
  • Aluminum and P20 material
  • Performs at a wide variety of temperatures up to 1300F
  • Will not shrink, expand, or chip off
  • Lasts up to 150,000 parts
  • Easily removed or reapplied
  • Coefficient of .026 to .030
To give customers a dry graphite film lubricant for ejectors, lifters and core pins. Excellent results from not having to worry about marking of parts. Its unique bonding to metal will give you an instant plating agent that can be applied in house. Assembled and reassembled in just minutes.