DAC Indus­tries mold releases do not con­tain fillers. As a result, they do not trans­fer onto the molded part. Our mold releases also do not con­tain sol­vents that are going to cre­ate prob­lems for mold­ers. There is no need to worry about plas­tics break­ing down from exces­sive solvents.

Elim­i­nate prob­lems such as:

–Whiten­ing or dis­col­oration of parts
–Trans­fer onto molded parts
–Heavy spots

You will instantly see more cycles per application.

For deep rib, core pin and dif­fi­cult releas­ing areas, see our Heavy Duty Mold Release prod­ucts. This selec­tion of mold releases elim­i­nates vac­uum hydraulic effect and increases cycle times between sprays.

DAC Mold Release and Heavy Duty Mold Release Products:

  • Won’t Trans­fer onto molded parts, elim­i­nat­ing smearing
  • Will not attack any plastics
  • Are designed to go on evenly, with a fog-like, even application.


  • Non-Silicone and Fully Paintable
  • Con­tains No Chlo­ri­nated Solvents
  • Reduces Chance of Carry Over & Break­ing Off
All Pur­pose Mold Release is truly unique. The advanced for­mu­la­tion is non-silicone, and con­tains lecithin. Unlike some food-grade sil­i­cones, DAC’s All Pur­pose Mold Release can safely be used on all ther­mo­plas­tic, includ­ing Poly­car­bon­ates, Styrene, Acrylics and other sen­si­tive plas­tic used in ure­thane RIM molding.

  • Will Not Alter Elec­tronic Signals
  • All Tem­per­a­ture, Paintable Mold Release
Paintable Poly­car­bon­ate Mold Release is an ALL tem­per­a­ture paintable mold release that works effi­ciently on both hot and cold molds, pro­vid­ing a smooth dry film which can be used where parts will be painted, hot stamped, met­al­lized, or oth­er­wise dec­o­rated. CFC Free and free of chlo­ri­nated solvent.

  • Non-toxic, Odor­less
  • Good for Tem­per­a­tures Rang­ing from 60°F to 600°F
All Tem­per­a­ture Sil­i­cone Mold Release works on hot or cold molds, and is non-toxic and odorless. This prod­uct is CFC Free and free from chlo­ri­nated sol­vent. In fact, All Tem­per­a­ture Mold Release pro­vides a smooth, dry, non-toxic film.

  • Use Where Parts Must Be Painted, Hot-Stamped & Metallized
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable
  • Safe On All Plastics
Paint over it, plate over it, or hot stamp over it. A per­fect fin­ish every time! As DAC has access to the finest ingre­di­ents avail­able, we are able to pro­duce a CFC-free, non-toxic, odor­less mold release that per­forms like a work­horse on both hot and cold molds. You will see at least 30% more cycles per can over all com­pa­ra­ble releases. Paintable Mold Release is the ideal pro­duc­tion line mold release. No spe­cial treat­ment of molds required.