DAC Indus­tries’ Heavy Duty Mold Release prod­ucts func­tion like the mold release line, with the addi­tion of flu­o­ro­car­bons for increased film strength and longevity.

Use DAC High Per­for­mance Heavy Duty Mold Releases for:

– Deep Rib
– Core Pin
– Dif­fi­cult Releas­ing Areas

Heavy Duty Mold Releases elim­i­nate prob­lem­atic vac­uum hydraulic effect. Get more cycles between sprays.



DAC Mold Release and Heavy Duty Mold Release Products:

  • Won’t trans­fer onto molded parts, elim­i­nat­ing smearing
  • Will not attack any plastics
  • Are designed to go on evenly, with a fog-like application
  • Con­tains Flu­o­ro­car­bons, for a Higher Level of Film Strength
  • Safe for All Plastics
  • Good Degreaser to Accom­mo­date Clean­ing
    of Brakes & Engine Blocks Prior to Assembly
  • Elim­i­nates Vac­uum Hydraulic Effect
    and Any Releas­ing Problems
A unique CFC for­mu­la­tion pro­vides a smooth, dry film which is biodegrad­able and non-toxic. Heavy Duty Paintable Mold Release’s built-in flu­o­ro­car­bons give higher lev­els of film strength to elim­i­nate. the vac­uum hydraulic effect. This prod­uct pro­vides pre­mium per­for­mance on parts that will be painted, hot stamped, met­all­ized or oth­er­wise decorated.


  • Great Choice for Tex­tured Sur­faces, Deep Ribs and High Temperatures.
  • Excel­lent for Elim­i­nat­ing Sur­face Friction
  • Good for Zinc Die-casting Operations
Armor Plate is a dry-film, semi-permanent, teflon com­pound plat­ing agent. It fills voids in metal, elim­i­nat­ing sur­face fric­tion, enhanc­ing mate­r­ial flow and parts release. Armor Plate will not shrink or expand over a wide range of temperatures.


  • Excellent for eliminating wear
  • Outstanding on soft material
  • Aluminum and P20 material
  • Performs at a wide variety of temperatures up to 1300F
  • Will not shrink, expand, or chip off
  • Lasts up to 150,000 parts
  • Easily removed or reapplied
  • Coefficient of .026 to .030
To give customers a dry graphite film lubricant for ejectors, lifters and core pins. Excellent results from not having to worry about marking of parts. Its unique bonding to metal will give you an instant plating agent that can be applied in house. Assembled and reassembled in just minutes.