Our line of Electrical/Contact Clean­ers have been designed to serve a wide vari­ety of appli­ca­tions and meet a range of crit­i­cal requirements.

These prod­ucts are designed with both safety and econ­omy in mind. Choose from flam­ma­ble and non-flammable characteristics.

Anti-Static Hop­per Cleaner is a unique, time sav­ing cleaner that will reduce sta­tic and speed color change overs. Call DAC Tech­ni­cal Sup­port for assis­tance in choos­ing the right prod­uct for your needs.

Excel Degreaser & Cable Cleaner will effec­tively clean cable, motors and elec­tri­cal equip­ment. This is your pre­mium, aggres­sive, non-conductive cleaner

  • Excel­lent for Removal of Oil, Grease, Dirt and Grime
  • Use on Both Metal­lic and Non-Metallic Surfaces
  • Non-Conductive, No Toxic Fumes, and Residue Free
  • Can be Used on Gen­er­a­tors, Motors, and Other Elec­tri­cal Equipment
If you are look­ing for a sol­vent ideal for elec­tri­cal motors, elec­tri­cal equip­ment, igni­tion sys­tem, and power tools, DAC-205 Excel Degreaser is what you’re look­ing for! This ener­gized for­mula will remove anti-oxidation com­pounds, grease, tar, and adhe­sives, Excel is a Pre­mium bench main­te­nance item.


  • Anti-Static Prop­er­ties Elim­i­nates Sta­tic & Chances of Plas­tic Erup­tion Sta­tic in Hoppers
  • Pro­tects Employ­ees and Machinery
  • Results in Faster Clean Up
Pro­tects your employ­ees with one easy step. Hop­per and Grinder Cleaner cleans and elim­i­nates sta­tic in hop­per. This truly inno­v­a­tive for­mula pro­vides opti­mum safety and effi­ciency for both employee and machin­ery. Hop­per and Grinder Cleaner helps to elim­i­nate sta­tic and the chance of plas­tic erup­tion in hop­pers. This high per­for­mance for­mula will make color change overs pro­gres­sively eas­ier, sav­ing thou­sands of dol­lars in employee clean up hours.