Our full-line of resin removers is specif­i­cally designed to solve a broad range of mold clean­ing needs, from pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance to heavy duty removal.

Choose from an adjustable spray tip or an all posi­tion spray, as well as the option of low flam­ma­bil­ity characteristics.

On Line Resin Remover and All Pur­pose Foam work in tan­dem to pre­vent and remove gas build-up in vent­ing. Con­tact tech­ni­cal sup­port for infor­ma­tion on time sav­ing pro­ce­dures using these prod­ucts together.

Define your task before Choos­ing Your Product:

Get opti­mum per­for­mance and achieve effi­cient mold­ing with the right choice of our product.

Define your action:
Do you need to remove oils from the mold sur­face?
Do you need to remove resin build-up?

Resin removers
if you are hav­ing resin prob­lems, choose from our selec­tion of resin removers. Resin par­tic­u­late from poly­styrenes, poly­car­bon­ates, nylon, col­fax and some del­rins are effec­tively removed with­out leav­ing residue.

Our degreasers clean and degrease your molds, elim­i­nat­ing worry of oil droplets and wet­ness marks. DAC degreasers instantly dis­perse oils, clean­ing off the sur­face of mold.

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  • Excel­lent For Remov­ing Build-Up from Mold
    Sur­faces Such as Poly­ac­etal Resins
  • Removes Resin Build-Up on Tex­tured Molds
  • Breaks Down Gas Deposits in vents
DAC-111 Extreme Resin Remover will remove build up from mold sur­faces such as poly­ac­etal resins, and other dif­fi­cult to remove resins. Break­ing down gas deposits in vents and remov­ing resin build-up on tex­tured molds makes this another great DAC prod­uct. This remover packed with a punch that will make resin build-up removal a cinch!


  • Excel­lent for remov­ing Gas Build-Up
  • Removes Build-Up of Nylon, Colfax, Poly­car­bon­ates and Polystyrenes
  • Leaves No Residue
Stop induc­ing con­t­a­m­i­na­tion and bleed­ing with your present mold clean­ers and resin removers. On Line’s aggres­sive sol­vents attack and elim­i­nate col­fax, poly­car­bon­ate, poly­styrene and some nylons imme­di­ately on con­tact. On Line’s con­trolled evap­o­ra­tion pro­vides longer con­tact time, eating away unwanted resin build-up. Let On Line go to work for you!


  • Excel­lent for Removal of Resin Build-Up with­out hav­ing to Remove Mold from Press
  • Works on Hot or Cold Molds
  • Can be Injected or Trans­fer Molded Off
Resin prob­lems? No wip­ing or clean­ing nec­es­sary. On Cycle Extra Heavy Duty resin remover is so pow­er­ful, it can be injected or trans­fer molded off. On Cycle will remove the heav­i­est build-up by allow­ing longer con­tact time on mold sur­faces. Expect out­stand­ing per­for­mance on warm and cold molds where resin build-up from flame retar­dants, ure­thanes, or poly­car­bon­ates are a problem.


  • Excel­lent for Remov­ing Rust Off the backs of Molds
  • Cleans Gran­ite Blocks with­out Leav­ing Residue
  • Removes Gases Cre­ated from Nylon, PPE and Other in Vents and on Molds
TIME IS MONEY! When costs are high due to down time asso­ci­ated with gas build up in vents, DAC-104 All Pur­pose Foam is your solu­tion. Excel­lent ver­ti­cal adhe­sion makes gas removal from vents extremely easy. All Pur­pose Foam cleans and removes rust off the backs of molds, leav­ing you with a “Like New” appear­ance. Clears plugged vents with no down press time.